Dec 27, 2010


I struggled over the Christmas weekend. Not as much as I would've struggled in the past but I struggled nonetheless. I stopped taking the HCG drops middle of last week and will start again after the new year. My goal this week is to not gain anything as I prepare for a great 2011.

Today I'm doing an apple cleanse. That's where I eat only apples through the day with lots of water. It helps clean out the body of toxins. If anything, I'll have a piece of fish tonight.

I will eat regular tomorrow...I need strength for out-patient surgery on Wednesday and the recovery on Thursday. I plan to work on Friday...taking it easy and then enjoy a New Years Weekend with the family.

Dec 21, 2010

A few more days

My goal of being 240 or below by Christmas seems to almost be out of reach. After getting down to 243 this past weekend, I had my momentary lapse of judgement and ate way too much Sunday afternoon. Now I'm sitting at 247 and find it hard to see losing 7 pounds by Christmas day. I still think I can reach 240 by the 27th and I can reach 235 by New Years Day.

Back to work, as they say...

Dec 20, 2010

Been a good day

After falling yesterday into a complete mess, today I have done great. Not eaten much and haven't had any cravings or been hungry in the least. Like I mentioned earlier, hopefully the issue on Sunday was a way of preparing me for the onslaught of temptations over the holidays.

Difficult Sunday

I had a difficult day yesterday. Is was like I was starving. I haven't felt that way in a long time. So I gave in and had pop tarts, a sub from Dominos and two pieces of pizza. Later I felt sick. I ate way too much.

A different time in my life I would have done all that and more. Now, the feeling I felt after doing that is more than enough to keep me from doing it again...or least for a very long time.

Might be a defense thing to keep me honest over the next week with Christmas events. I have a staff lunch coming up this week, a Christmas party at a clients business, a family Christmas Tuesday night and Christmas weekend. A lot of temptations await me this week.

Today I'm bringing a salad and an apple for lunch. Won't have any protein till I get home tonight and grill some fish.

Dec 17, 2010

Slowly going down in weight

I was 244.8 pounds at this morning's weigh in. It's sure is nice to see the weight slowly come off...a half a pound to a pound and a half a day. On top of that, I've not been hungry...sometimes even feeling full before I finish my salad.

Speaking of salad...a large bowl of leaf lettuce, iceberg, spinach and baby greens with a sliced tomato, some cucumbers and onion with Walden Farms dressing is less than 100 calories and very filling. Through in a 4 ounce chicken breast and you've got a tasty meal that will fill you up and about 220 calories.

I'm doing this or something similar every day for Lunch and Dinner. I also snack on an apple or two a day. It's working and no hunger pains!

Dec 16, 2010

New Name

Do you like the new name of the blog? I thought it kinda of funny...poking humor at myself in the process. However, I'm worried that my Mom, when she reads it, won't find the humor.

I must say right here, right now that I have never considered myself to be fat. Maybe that's just my way of justifying the amount of weight I gained over the years. I know I've buried some feeling deep down due to the weight issues I've dealt with.

Losing weight is more than eating healthier, exercising, and changing habits. It's about facing lots of issues that may have contributed to over-eating. Emotional eating was something that I know I did way to much of. I work hard on having fruits or veggies around when a craving hits. I also need to be aware of enablers.

Enablers are those that offer food or sweets and then act as if you've hurt their feeling by not trying a bite. I tend to think some don't want me to lose weight because one of the things they could feel good about themselves is when they compared themselves to me...weight wise. title. I hope my mom is okay with it.

Rockin' It

This morning's weight was 245. Every time I step on the scale right now, I'm encouraged and I know I'll be able to drop my weight down to below 200 pounds. That's my new goal, to fall below 200 pounds by Mother's Day. I've set that as the target because I started this program on Mother's Day this year.

Visit for more information on weight loss. That's a site I started several years ago when I was 320 pounds. I lost 60 doing protein shakes and Hoodia. This time around I'm doing HCG drops and watching what I eat.

Dec 15, 2010

Going Gets Good

Stepped on the scale this morning to see 246.8. The lowest I've seen the scale say in more than 15 years. If things stay on track, I should see 240 before Christmas. Maybe even 235.

Today I'm wearing a sweater that was bought Christmas 2006. It's a triple X Large. It's wayto big for me. In fact when I was fitted for a tux shirt recently I ended up with an XL. Big change from wearing 2x and 3x shirts for the past 10+ years.

Even with this weight loss over the past couple of years, I'm still in the obese category. I'd like to be just over-weight and not obese. So here's a few goals I'm setting forth today...

Weight by Christmas: 240
Weight by New years: 235
Weight by Valentines: 220
Weight by Easter: 205
Weight by Mother's Day: 190

It's hard to imagine being below 200 pounds. With saying that it was also hard to imagine being 250 again. It was hard to imagine fitting into clothes that I haven't worn in more than 10 years. It was hard to imagine I could be outside playing with my kids and not getting completely worn out.

Dec 14, 2010

Doing Really Well

I know it's been a long time since I've posted. Things have be going really well. This morning's weigh in was 248. My next goal is to be below 240 before Christmas and to be at 230 by the first week of January.

My appetite has been good...not getting hungry and doing really well with the smaller portions.

Today I had a small salad with sugar free and fat free Italian Dressing with lean turkey meat and some water. Dinner will be be grilled tilapia with a small salad and some water. The only 2 things I'm doing that isn't part of this program is chewing sugar free gum and drinking Pepsi Max or Coke Zero for my caffeine fix.

When I started this I was 297 and I've been as low as 247. I normally gain 2-5 pounds back while I work on maintaining. I will continue to do this program until I'm below 200 lbs. That's a long way to go but I know I can do it.

Sep 15, 2010

Workout routine needs to change

Now that the summer season is coming to an end and I can't play as much Disc Golf due to a sore elbow, I think I need to get back to doing the Wii Fit Plus workouts.

I was doing a Wii Fit workout several times a week. My wife and kids leave the house about 7am during the school year (my wife's a teacher) so I would work out from 7-7:30 and then shower and get ready for work. When the kids are home in the summer, getting the Wii workout in just doesn't work. Replacing that with hiking and Disc Golfing worked great.

Now I'm faced with the business of school events, kids activities, and all others things the school year adds to my weekly calendar.

So the Wii Fit Plus workouts will begin again!